Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Here is the menu by PieFace Pies! I hope that you find one that will work for you! All pies are $20 and include local delivery*. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call! I look forward to baking for you! 

Nutty Texan -- This is a good old-fashioned Pecan Pie.  So strap on your boots, grab your fork and let this pie tickle your fancy.

Sweet Spud -- Ah sweet potato pie! This southern favorite can be a nice addition to a meal, or a mild alternative dessert to the pumpkin pie.  Containing similar flavors to a pumpkin pie, the sweet potato has a softer flavor, but still very delicious. So, some say po-tay-to, some say po-tah-to… just say sweet spud!


Libby’s not Libby’s -- This is the pie to get if you are looking for a traditional pumpkin pie! Being that the baker’s name is Libby it will be made by a Libby but is not Libby’s canned pumpkin pie.  Don’t let this “squash” your expectations--it won’t disappoint!


Cinn-Ful -- The flavor in this pie will bring warmth to your heart and the company you’re keeping. A surprising consistency with the flavor you get is what makes this pie special!  A slice of this pie is the most moral way to be “Cinn-ful”


Autumn Swirl -- A cheesy swirl of chocolate and pumpkin brings together not only the colors but also flavors that exude autumn. Deviating from the traditional pumpkin pie, this rich flavor takes you on a different autumn ride that you won’t want to get off.


Deutsch Mandel -- Translating to German Almond, this is a tasty twist on the ever-popular German Chocolate cake. The idea is the same, with the pie combining the delicious flavors of a chocolate pie topped with coconut and almonds.  One bite will make you want to say “Ich liebe”


Man-Candy Apple -- This is not your average Apple Pie. This pie will bring back memories of autumn carnivals and state fairs and their oooey-gooey caramel apples. Add the nuts and this pie that reminds you of meals around grandma’s table, becomes “man enough” to satisfy the taste buds of everyone.

CheckMate -- If you like chocolate then this is the pie for you! Its got a deep chocolate flavor that leaves you wanting more. Just like its name, when you have a piece of this pie, you definitely win! Check and CheckMate!


Smooth Operator -- This smooth peanut butter pie has a very distinct yet not overpowering peanut butter flavor. Paired with a chocolate crumb crust this pie has the perfect mix of flavors. So whether you need the help or not, this pie will make you a smooth operator. 


The Sophisticate -- Whether you consider yourself sophisticated or not, this pie will make you feel like you are! With a great almond filling this pie is topped with slices of pear, which provide a mild sweet flavor that compliments the almonds perfectly. This pie is great for after dinner or as an accompaniment to coffee and tea.


Pucker Pleaser -- So when life gave me lemons, I made this sweet lemon meringue pie! What better way to turn a frown upside down? A year round favorite, this is a great pucker pleaser!


Sugar Mama -- Reminiscent of cookie dough, this pie is definitely thick and rich! A little of this pie goes a long way. The warm, brown sugar flavors of this pie make you feel like you are in front of a fire at home, regardless of where you really might be.


Heaven Frozen Over -- A creamy frozen pie encompassed in a chocolate crumb crust, this pie is topped with caramel and then a blend of roasted pecans and coconut. Similar to heaven, you don’t know what you are getting until you try it.

Minty Lizard--A minty cream pie enveloped in a chocolate crumb crust, this is a refreshing way to dessert. This pie definitely won't leave you with the breath of a lizard, but you might find your tongue sticking out for more.

Winter Wonderland--The perfect wintery mix of almond and coconut, this creamy white pie is as pure as the first snow of the holiday season. You'll be amazed that taking a bite of this pie is like taking a bite of Christmas!  

To place an order or for any questions, please call 512.924.7271 or email me at 

**If you are ordering a pie for the holiday, please give at least 2 days notice-also, the last Christmas deliveries will be on the 23rd--thanx!!